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Quick Start Guide for Lightspeed Golf (Chronogolf) + QuoteMachine
Quick Start Guide for Lightspeed Golf (Chronogolf) + QuoteMachine

Some key features to look out for when getting started with Lightspeed Golf aka Chronogolf

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This guide is specifically for users who wish to use QuoteMachine as an integration to Lightspeed Gold (Chronogolf).

If you are using another app and wish to integrate QuoteMachine with it, or if you are using QuoteMachine on its own, please follow one of the links below to reach the appropriate Quick Start Guide.

Getting set up and ready to go on QuoteMachine is simple. Follow this guide to ensure your account is able to give you the best possible experience. 

Part A - Setting up your integrations

First, you'll want to confirm that you have activated the integration with Lightspeed. This ensures all your contacts and products/services are imported into QuoteMachine. 

To do this, select 'My account' from the left side menu, then 'Integrations'

Now, confirm that Lightspeed integration is activated. 

In the Integration settings, you'll be able to adjust what syncs between QuoteMachine and Lightspeed.

Standard configuration in a Golf facility environment is as below:

Note, "Create and track PO from orders" is disabled.

There are 2 more important steps to complete before getting started:

  • Ensure you have the google chrome extension for QuoteMachine installed. You can follow the steps here to help with this. 

  • Activate your Stripe integration to allow you to process payments online. Follow these steps to help. 

Part B - Personalizing your account

Set your company logo and colors. The branding section of QuoteMachine lets you curate your company image.

Personalize the templates. Use custom fields to add information important to you. See help on this, here. 

Templates for quotes, invoices and other useful documents are fully customizable to suit your needs. Use this article to help with customizing your templates.

If you use our Event Registration/Events feature, it's important that you have your calendar set up correctly. A detailed guide on how to do that, you can find here.

Part C - Sales Taxes & special fees

If your sales require taxes, you can define your tax rate from the account settings, available under the "My account" menu, then by selecting the "Settings" tab.

If you add additional surcharges on top of your pricing, such as a service fee, or booking fee, you can customize this in the 'fees' section. 

To create a new fee, give it a name, and then enter the amount. Finally, click save.

To use this fee when creating a quote or invoice, select 'fee' in the payment section. 

Now, select which fee you would like to apply, and click 'Apply fee'.

The fee will now be added to the pricing total. 

Note that you can exclude some items from the fee calculation, see how in this help article: Read the article on how to exempt items from fees

Part D - Start using QuoteMachine!

Note: The Lightspeed Golf integration has to be performed by the Lightspeed team. Therefore, please reach out to your Lightspeed onboarding specialist to have this activated.

Check our other help articles to get the most out of QuoteMachine.

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