The credit card payment features of QuoteMachine rely on integrations with Payment Processors. Stripe is one of the best out there, and this article shows you how to connect your Stripe account with QuoteMachine.


You must already have or create an account with Stripe and follow their activation procedure.

Steps to activate the integration

  • Go to the integration page in QuoteMachine
  • Click the "Add Integration" below the Stripe description 
  • Display your API keys from Stripe (make sure you are not in "Test mode", otherwise you will not be able to process real credit cards).
  • Copy your publishable key from Stripe and paste it in QuoteMachine
  • Copy your secret key from Stripe and paste it in QuoteMachine
  • Save

You are now ready to accept credit card payments!

If you notice more than one Stripe integration, be sure to deactivate all but the active one.

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