QuoteMachines' Price List feature is a flexible tool that can be used in many settings. To use this tool in a golf setting, read below to see how to set up a Price List to take individual registrations for different golf events.

To create a new price list, head to the Quotes section, and select 'price lists'

Now, click 'New price list', and give your new price a name.

When an order is received, you can decide if it will create a quote or an invoice in QuoteMachine.

Here, you can start by adding products from your catalog that you wish to feature.

If the item doesn't exist in your catalogue, you can use 'Quick Create' to create what you need.

When the price list is ready to go, you may 'activate' it. Share the list using 'copy link'.

Any customer who has access to the link, will be able to register, enter in their contact information, and pay the fee on the list.

You'll be able to track who has registered on your internal view of the Price List.

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