We've been busy here at QuoteMachine and have many new features and updates to share with you. This article highlights a few of them:

  • An express eCommerce page to take online orders
  • More options to create customer statements
  • Creating recurring invoices faster
  • Storing a credit card on file without a transaction
  • Improvements to the integration with Lightspeed retail

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An express eCommerce page to take online orders 

This new feature lets you leverage your communication channels with your customers like Facebook, Emails, Telephone, Instagram, etc. to share online order forms listing a subset of your products at predefined prices.

Check out this video for an example

Detailed steps to get going are documented if this article:

Learn more about Express e-com here

More options to create customer statements

Good management of accounts receivable sometimes requires sending customer statements.

In addition to the automated statements feature, you can now send or print statements in bulk, directly from the customer list.

Read our help article to see how it works:

How to bulk print & email Account Statements

You can also add a small aging report directly within your statement.

This help article explains how to customize your templates to do it: 

Add aging reports into documents

Faster recurring billing setup

Setting up recurring billing is now faster than ever. Whether you start from scratch or from an existing invoice, the default values and options will likely help you save a lot of time. You can create the first invoice right away and capture a credit card without charging anything.

Learn more in the help article:

Creating a recurring invoice

Store a credit card on file without a transaction

Should you want to save a card on file without a transaction, you can now add credit cards directly from the customer profile.

It’s useful if you want to record the credit card for future payment while having no reason to take a payment right away.

Learn more in this help article:

Save a new card on file without capturing payment

Improvements to the integration with Lightspeed Retail

Lightspeed Browser extension 

The QuoteMachine browser extension is now also available on Firefox. 

Download it here

More details about the extensions from this help article:

Requirements to interact with Lightspeed Work Orders

Some new fields are now synchronized through the integration with Lightspeed

Customer attributes

  • Default tax
  • Discounts

Items/Products attributes 

  • Manufacturer SKU 
  • Notes (imported as short description in QuoteMachine).
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