Creating a recurring invoice is now easier than ever in QuoteMachine. Follow the step by step guide, or watch the instructional video below. 

Step by Step Guide

First, In the Invoice tab, select 'Recurring invoices'.

Now, select 'New recurring invoice'

Select a contact, and set the payment terms. Then click 'Create invoice'

Here, you'll want to pay attention to the 'Recurring details'. Set the interval, start date and even an end date.

An important step here is to activate the option to automatically charge the invoice to a card on file. 

If no card is on file, you will be prompted to enter one. 

Now, add the products or services you will be invoicing, and finally click 'Activate and create first invoice'.


Another method of creating a recurring invoice, is to start from an existing invoice. 

On the invoice, simply click 'Make recurring'

Now, as before, set the details of the recurring invoice. 

Finally, activate!

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