QuoteMachine now allows you to use a deposit as a credit memo, and apply this credit on any invoices or quotes for that contact.

Watch the video below detailing how to use this feature, or follow the step by step guide.

Step by Step Guide

We start with a quote where the customer has paid a deposit.

if we scroll down to the payment, we notice that it tells us a credit memo has been created from this deposit.

On the contacts' page, we can see this credit memo, where it originates from, and that it is available to be applied.

This can be used a credit to pay anything in QuoteMachine. When on in an invoice for example, we can select 'Receive payment' as always.

Now, when we select 'credit' as the payment type, we are given the options of different credit memos available for this customer. This allows you to apply specific credits to exact invoices.

Make a selection, and click 'Apply payment'. The credit will be applied and the owing balance updated.

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