Refunding a credit memo

How to refund a credit memo from a deleted deposit

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Required: Learn to remove a deposit from a quote and create a credit memo here

Conditions to refund: You will not be able to issue a refund from a credit memo if the customer owes money on another invoice.

Once you’ve generated a credit memo, you can easily refund it to your customer.

To begin, navigate to the customer profile you want to work in. Choose the credit memos tab in the menu.

Then, select the credit memo you want to refund.

Click the refund button to begin the refund process.

In this screen, you can select how you’d like to refund the credit memo and add internal notes. Click the yellow refund button to complete the refund!

Note for Lightspeed R-series customers

If you don't see a refund option, the credit memo or deposit can be voided following these steps: click here

Only credit memos and deposits that have not been exported into Lightspeed R-series will have a delete option in QuoteMachine.

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