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Quick Start Guide for QuickBooks Online + QuoteMachine
Quick Start Guide for QuickBooks Online + QuoteMachine

This is a step by step article on how to properly integrate QuickBooks Online with QuoteMachine. Screenshots included.

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This guide is specifically for users who wish to use QuoteMachine as an integration to QuickBooks Online.

If you are using another app and wish to integrate QuoteMachine with it, or if you are using QuoteMachine on its own, please follow one of the links below to reach the appropriate Quick Start Guide.


This article contains instructions on how to;

  1. Create your QuoteMachine account

  2. Turn on the proper setting for your business

  3. Start sending invoices

  4. More QuickBooks links

Create QuoteMachine Account

The easiest way to create your free trial account is by connecting the QuoteMachine app directly from the Intuit app store.

  1. Log into your QuickBooks account and navigate to the app store. In the app store search bar, search "QuoteMachine".

2. Click "Get app now"

3. Click "Connect"

4. This will take you to QuoteMachine where you can start to create your account.

Congrats 🎉 you are now integrated with QuoteMachine!

Integration Settings for QuickBooks Online

  1. To access integration settings, navigate to integrations through the "My Account" button on the right side menu (1). Then click "integrations" on the top menu (2), then click on "QuickBooks Online" (3).

2. From this page, please follow these instructions to personalize the correct settings for your business.

Before Sending Invoices

🚨🚨 Set a unique QuoteMachine Invoice Prefix 🚨🚨

Navigate to account settings through the "My Account" button on the right hand menu.

Change the Invoice prefix to something unique. For example, QBI, for QuoteMachine Invoice.

Changing this prefix ensures that both QuickBooks Online and QuoteMachine can differentiate between invoices.

For a more in depth tutorial on changing invoice prefixes click here.

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