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Integration settings with QuickBooks Online
Integration settings with QuickBooks Online

How to configure your integration with QuickBooks Online

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You can control how to export and import data with QuickBooks Online using the different integration settings available.

To access the integration settings,

1 - Open the Integrations page

Click on the "My Account" menu, then on the "Integrations" tab. Alternatively, you can click on this link to access it directly.

2 - Select the QuickBooks Online integration showing in the list by clicking on its name

Usage of the different options

Enable product sync - When active, all changes made to products in QuickBooks will have those changes reflected in QuoteMachine.

Enable inventory sync - This enables a two-way sync on all inventory items created on either platform.

Auto export won quote - When toggled on, every newly won quote will automatically be exported to QuickBooks Online as an invoice.

Export contacts - This option exports any contact created in QuoteMachine to QuickBooks Online automatically.

Enable contacts import - When active, this option automatically imports any contacts created in QuickBooks Online.

Export contact's organization on invoices - This option adds the contact's organization to the invoices exported to QuickBooks Online.

Override invoice number - When active, the invoices exported to QuickBooks online use QuoteMachine's invoice number.

Export products - When active, this option causes every product created in the QuoteMachine catalog to be exported to QuickBooks Online automatically.

Create and track PO from orders - This gives you the ability to create purchase orders from an existing order. It adds the "Create Purchase Order" to your order menu options.

Auto export of sent invoice - This setting causes every new invoice created in QuoteMachine to be exported automatically in QuickBooks Online.

Default location - Sets the default location, all transactions will be posted to this location unless otherwise specified.

Default income account - Income account that will be used by default for products having no set income account.

Default accounts payable - Maps the account payable for exporting all outstanding invoices balance.

Default expense account - This specifies the target expense account for posting transactions.

Default asset account - Specifies the default asset category to which transactions will be posted in QuickBooks.

Default deposit account - Specifies the prefered destination within QuickBooks for the deposits acquired through QuoteMachine.

How to export products - This gives you the ability to export your products to QuickBooks as either inventoried items, non-inventoried items, or both.

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