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Troubleshooting Invoice Export Error QBO.mj
Troubleshooting Invoice Export Error QBO.mj
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Trying to export an invoice to QuickBooks Online but you're get the following error:

No need to worry, you can easily fix this by following this guide.

This error occurs because the invoice identifier already exists in QuickBooks, in our case that's "INV-0029". Anyone of the three solutions outlined below will resolve this issue and help avoid this in the future.

  1. Set a different QuoteMachine identifier, if the invoice already exist in QuickBooks and you can't delete it. You can change the invoice identifier, there're a couple ways you can do this.

    1. Change the identifier of a specific invoice.

      Important: this will only fix this affected invoice. To stop this issue from occurring in the future see the other options.

      First navigate to the invoice you'd like to change, click the three buttons at the center of the screen, click "Edit", navigate to the bottom of your pricing table and select "Change identifier". You can change the invoice prefix e.g. change "INV" to "I" or change the invoice number, as done in the example below.

    2. Change the identifier for all invoices.

      Important: this will only affect future invoices, it won't fix the current invoice to fix a current invoice follow the steps outlined above (1a). If you'd like to invoice both from QuickBooks and QuoteMachine this is the solution that will work best.

      To do this to do this navigate to My Account > Edit Account > Invoice prefix. You can change your invoice prefix to anything you'd like for example from "INV" to "I" and save your changes. This way you'll be able to differentiate between invoices generated in QuickBooks versus those generated in QuoteMachine, as invoices that start with "INV" will have been generated in QuickBooks and those that start with your preferred prefix, in our example it would be "I", will come from QuoteMachine.

  2. Only create invoice in QuoteMachine, if invoices are only generated from QuoteMachine this will ensure there aren't any conflicting identifiers as QuickBooks won't be generating any. With this you have the advantage of leveraging QuoteMachine's interactive invoice features which include giving your customers the option of paying straight from the invoice, along with a bunch of other features!

  3. Disabling "Custom transaction numbers" in QuickBooks and enabling "Override invoice number" in QuoteMachine.

    Important: this option may create invoices with the same identifiers, one created in QuickBooks and the other created in QuoteMachine, see image below. Only proceed with this option if you're comfortable with this.

    To do this go to your integration settings in QuoteMachine. My Account > Integration > QuickBooks Online and ensure your "Override invoice number" is toggled on, don't forget to save your changes, see the image below. You can find out more about your integrations settings here.

    Now in QuickBooks navigate to you account setting, you can do that by clicking on the gear icon on the top right hand corner clicking Account and settings > Sales > Custom transaction numbers, make sure this is off toggled off as shown below then hit save.

    This will ensure that even if there's a pre-existing invoice identifier in QuickBooks QuoteMachine will still be able to push through the invoice.

    If you're still experiencing issue after follow the steps above don't hesitate to contact support.

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