Creating Invoices in QuoteMachine

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Once you are up and running in QuoteMachine, creating invoices is simple - this article will show you the basics as well as some tips to help you.

If you are a Lightspeed user, be sure to have your lightspeed account connected to QuoteMachine so that all of your invoices will export into Lightspeed.

If you are creating an invoice for a new Customer, make sure you create the customer first. You can create customers from the "Contact" menu and then by clicking on "New Contact".

Your first invoice can be created in a few steps

  • Click a "Create Invoice" button from QuoteMachine

  • Select the customer you want to invoice

  • Specify the Payment due date

Now, select ''add a product' to add items onto your invoice.

At this point you have some options. You may change the title and description of a product, apply a discount on to a specific line item (or a global discount onto the total). You can also change the tax rate from your default, and even apply a fee onto the total of the invoice.

Finalising and sending the invoice

Once you are ready to finalize your invoice, you have two options. Clicking send will email the invoice to your customer. Here you will have the option to send it to the customers email address that you have on file, add a new email, or change the email.

Clicking mark as done will finalize the invoice without sending it.

Both cases do finalize the invoice, and it is exported to lightspeed.

At this point you are not able to go back and make changes to the invoice. The easiest way to edit this invoice is to void, and restart.

If you wish to resend an existing invoice, click here.

If you wish to customize the design of your invoices, click here.

If you wish to invoice directly from lightspeed, click here.

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