Collecting Payments

This article focuses on collecting payments in a golf or event setting

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Taking Deposits on Quotes

When sending out a quote, you set a deposit amount, and the customer pays.

Once this payment is entered into QuoteMachine, it will also be reflected on the customers' credit account in Lightspeed. If you scroll down on the quote, you can link directly to their Lightspeed credit account to see this.

You can edit how much deposit you want to take, see here for details on how.

Updating the Deposit required

If a quote has already been sent, you can always go back and edit the amount of deposit required. This applies even if a deposit has already been paid.

The customers' quote will updated automatically to reflect thje update.

Taking Payments on an invoice

Once you're ready to invoice the customer the balance of their total, you can select 'create invoice'. Creating an invoice is an important step in finalising the payments you've received, as doing so creates a sale in Lighspeed.

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