QuoteMachine keeps track of every invoice it creates and also all transactions happening from the POS if they were not paid immediately.

This way, whether you take a look at the customer profile from QuoteMachine or Lightspeed, you will always see an up to date owing balance.

Customer's profile as seen from the QuoteMachine interface

Customer's account as seen from the Lightspeed POS interface

Invoice creation from QuoteMachine

When creating an invoice from QuoteMachine, the transaction is also recorded as a sale in Lightspeed. This sale is completed using the customer's credit account as a payment type.

Logs on the invoice showing the link to the corresponding transaction recorded in Lightspeed

Later on, when the customer pays the balance. This payment is also recorded against the customer's credit account.

Logs on the invoice showing the link to the corresponding transaction recorded against the customer's credit account

View of the customer's credit account in Lightspeed showing no balance owing and the transactions related to the invoice that was created, then paid.

Deposit payment on a Quote

When a payment is made from a quote. It is also recorded in Lightspeed as a Credit Account deposit.
When the same quote is invoiced, QuoteMachine automatically applies the deposit payment to the invoice.


Transaction made from the POS and paid using the customer's credit account

When paying a transaction from the POS using "account" as the payment type, QuoteMachine will automatically create an invoice to keep track of the balance due.

Transaction paid from the POS using the "Account" payment type.

Transactions paid with the "Account" payment type from the POS are imported in QuoteMachine


Deposit made against the customer's account from the POS 

When taking a deposit from the POS, QuoteMachine automatically reflects this transaction with a credit memo that will show on the customer profile.


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