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Gift card payment with Lightspeed Retail (R-series)
Gift card payment with Lightspeed Retail (R-series)

How to accept partial gift card payments from Lightspeed (R-series) and invoice the balance

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If you're using Lightspeed Retail and a customer wants to redeem their gift card, the only way to accept this payment method is to process it from Lightspeed.

Step 1 - Create the sale from the Lightspeed Register

Step 2 - Apply the gift card payment, and apply the balance to the customers 'account'.

Step 3 - Charge the balance on the customer's accountStep 4 -In the "Lightspeed sales' tab within QuoteMachine invoices, select 'import' on that sale.

Step 4 - You'll now have a partially paid invoice assigned to that customer.

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