Display a deposit on a quote

How to show a deposit or pre-payment requirement on a Quote

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It is a good practice to indicate when you require a deposit. QuoteMachines offers a feature that does it while helping you make the calculations.

How to specify a deposit

  • From the pricing table, click the "Deposit" button located next to the Total.

  • Enter a deposit amount or a percentage.

  • Save

Screenshot showing a 10% deposit applied to the pricing table total

Screenshot showing a deposit displayed next to the total on the final document

Automate deposit on every quote

If most of your quotes should include a deposit. You can have it shown and calculated by default.

Access the account settings by clicking on the "My account" menu then by selecting the "Edit account" tab.

Click on the "Edit account" button

Enter the "Default proposal deposit" value in the corresponding field then save

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