Getting started with QuoteMachine and Lightspeed retail (R-series) is simple. Use the guide below to help, and don't hesistate to reach out to our support team for more information!

1 - Connect the Lightspeed Integration

If you have not yet created a QuoteMachine account, do so using your Lightspeed credentials, at the link below:

If you already have a QuoteMachine account, but have not yet connected your Lightspeed account, follow the instructions at the link below.

Connect to Lightspeed POS

You may confirm that your Lightspeed account is integrated to QuoteMachine in the 'integrations' tab of 'My Account'.

2 - Install the browser extension

The QuoteMachine browser extension allows you to flow seamlessly between Lightspeed and QuoteMachine. You may install it using the links below:

Click here to install the Google Chrome extension

Click here to install the Firefox Add-on

3 - Connect the Stripe Integration

In the Integrations section of 'My Account' Simply click 'add integration' for Stripe.

Next you will be prompted to 'Connect with Stripe'. Here you will be guided to Stripes site where you can follow their sign up process. Following this, Stripe and QuoteMachine will be automatically integrated. See detailed help here.

4 - Set up your document templates

Personalising your document templates is key way to not only present your brand, but to convey any information you need to. Use the link below to see more on how to edit your QuoteMachine document templates.

See detailed help on document templates here.

5 - Send quotes and invoices.

You're ready to go! Start creating documents and sending them to your customers. The video below shows you how!

Remember that our Help Centre has lots more information to help you! You can access it using the pink chat button in the bottom right corner of your screen!

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