Reorder Points
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Various products within your catalog may have different demand and sales cycles. By setting up Reorder Points, you will be notified when products need reordering.

WARNING! Reorder Points only work if you have activated the Inventory Module.

Manual Setup

After creating a new product, follow these steps to setup Reorder Points.

  • Log into your QuoteMachine account

  • From the left-hand menu, click on Catalog

  • Your will land on the Products and Services tab from the top menu

  • Click on the product you wish to set Reorder Points to

  • From the top menu, click Inventory

  • In the Quantities per location section, click the 3 dots on the far right for the popup

  • Determine the Reorder Point (at how much quantity left do I reorder)

  • Determine the Reorder Quantity (how much I purchase once they reach it)

  • Click Save


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