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How to transfer a credit memo from one customer to another
How to transfer a credit memo from one customer to another

This articles guides you through the steps to move a credit memo from one customer account to another

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Here are some cases where you might need to move a credit memo from one customer to another:

  • You incorrectly recorded the credit memo on one customer's account

  • One customer made a payment on their account but wants to give it to someone else

  • Two customers belong to the same company and a memo on one customer could be used on any account within that company

Depending on the case, the most logical steps may vary. Here are three options we suggest:

Option 1 - The best in case of error - Refund the credit memo and start over with the other customer

In case of incorrect payment collection. The most logical thing to do is always to refund the credit memo. Then you can create a new one on the different account.

This detailed article will give you the steps to refund a credit memo:

Option 2 - Move the credit memo

Disclaimer: This feature won't be available if you're using third-party integrations like Lightspeed. These apps don't provide this level of flexibility and QuoteMachine cannot reflect these operations exactly. Use option 1 (refund the memo and redo) or option 3 (link the two accounts with a company) as an alternative to go forward when using integrations.

  • Open the contact page, on the "credit memos" tab.

  • Then, click on the ID of the credit memo you want to move to open the detailed view.

  • From the detailed view, click on the "Contact" field

  • Search for the contact where you want to move the credit memo to and select it.

  • Click "Save credit memo" to save your change

You have now moved the credit memo successfully.

Option 3 - Don't move the memo, but use it to pay somebody else's invoice

This can be achieved when the two contact belong to the same company.

  • Open the company profile

  • Click on the "Receive payments" option available from the "Invoices" tab

  • From the pop-up, you can select which invoice to pay

  • Under "Payment type", make sure to select "Credit"

  • This will then let you select the credit memo you want from any account that belong to this company

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