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Using QuoteMachine Payments
Using QuoteMachine Payments
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With QuoteMachine Payments, you can conveniently process credit card payments and ACH transfers as well as store cards and bank accounts on file, handle refunds within the app, and maintain records of all your payments and refunds locally.

Saving a card/bank account on file

Saving a card on file using QuoteMachine Payments works as it previously did with our other payment processors. Navigate to the customer's account, select the tab "Cards/banks on file", and click "Add a credit card."

Proceed with entering the customer's credit card information.

Once you've entered the information it will be stored on the account for future use.

You can also add a bank account to be used for ACH transfers.
Click on "Add a bank account"

Proceed with entering the customer's bank account information.

Just as with a credit card, the bank account will be stored and available for future use.

Collecting payments using QuoteMachine Payments

Collecting payments will work exactly like any other payment processor. For customer-facing documents, there will be a "Pay now" button which reveals a payment box where your customers can choose between a credit card or ACH transfer ("Bank Account" tab) payment methods and enter their information accordingly.

Backend users will be able to capture payments with a credit card or an ACH transfer.

For a credit card payment, select "Credit card" as the payment type. Then you'll have three options to apply the payment:

Cards on file: use a card that you already have on file

Credit card: use a new card by manually entering the card information
Terminal: use your payment terminal to run a physical card if customer is present

To do an ACH transfer, select "Bank transfer" as the payment type. Then you'll have two options to apply the payment:

Bank accounts on file: use an account that you already have on file
Manual Entry: manually enter the bank account information

Payment Tab

The payments tab is where you keep track of all the different payments you receive and their status. You have different filtering capabilities depending on what you're looking for.

Filter by Date Created

Hovering over the "Created" field gives you access to a hamburger icon, which you can click to filter payments within a specific date range.

Filtering by Type

By clicking the hamburger icon in the "Type" field, you can apply filters to view specific types of transactions, including payments, refunds, or adjustment transactions.

Filtering by Status

Click on the hamburger icon near the "Status" field, this allows you to filter transactions by the following statuses: Canceled, Created, Failed, In Review, Processing, and Succeeded.

Filtering by document

To search for a specific payment using the document identifier, hover over the "Document" field, click the hamburger icon, and then enter the identifier.

Filtering by amount

Clicking on this field allows you to sort the amount either in ascending or descending order.

Filtering by customer name

Click on the hamburger icon near the "Custom" field, you can search your payments by the specific customer's name.


The Payouts page provides an overview of all payouts within your QuoteMachine account. It is categorized into three sections: Balance, In Transit to Bank, and Last Payout.

  • Balance: This section presents upcoming payments that are pending deposit into your bank account.

  • In Transit to Bank: Here, you can monitor funds currently en route to your account.

  • Last Payout: This section showcases the most recent amount that was successfully deposited into your bank account.


Your settings display the current status of your payment processor. At this time, you can have only one payment processor for all your locations.


QuoteMachine offers the ability to connect a terminal to process in-store payments. If you're interested in signing up for this feature, please get in touch with us at [email protected] or use the pink chat bubble located at the bottom of any QuoteMachine page.

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