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Using the Credit Memo Listing
Using the Credit Memo Listing

Using the credit memo listings, you can search for your credit memos by the customer name, notes taken, or credit memo identifier.

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To navigate to the credit memo listing you have to go to your Invoices > Credit Memos. Here you have a list of all your deposits and credit memos, sorted from most recent to oldest.

Here you can search for credit memos with information in your notes, as well as the customer's name and credit memo identifier.

You can also create useful filters just as you would for your invoices, orders, quotes or contacts. To do so click on "Filters", and select the criteria your filtering for.

This will display everything thats being filtered for, in the example below I'll be filtering for the credit memos of the month of June. You can also save the filter by clicking the "Save as new" button.

Name your filter something relevant, in this example, it will be "June Deposits", if you set the visibility to "Shared", all the other users using the QuoteMachine account will have access to this filter. Don't forget to save your changes.

Once you've saved your filter, you also have the possibility to add it to your dashboard if needed. To do so check out this article.

Viewing all available/partially applied credit memos

You can filter the credit memos to only display the ones that are still available to be used (available and partially applied).

To do this, click on the Filters button.

Under status, select available and partially applied.

Hit close, and the listing will only show credit memos that still have balance that can be applied to documents!

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