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E-invoicing toolkit for Lightspeed Retail (FATOORAH)
E-invoicing toolkit for Lightspeed Retail (FATOORAH)

Activation of features in the context of phase 1 invoicing requirement in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (ZATCA)

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QuoteMachine offers some features that help merchants get ready for phase 1 e-invoicing requirements. These features alone don't ensure your compliance, consult with your Lightspeed representative to ensure your solution is fully compliant.

When we refer to guidelines in this article, we mean the "E-invoicing detailed guidelines v1.0", provided by Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority on their website

Compliance requirements

Note that compliance with the phase 1 requirements will require familiarizing yourself with all the requirements and making the necessary adjustments in your operations and software. Access Zatca's website for more information and reach out to your Lightspeed Retail representative for help with your Point of Sale configuration.

For example, here are a few points you should pay attention to, including, but not limited to,

  • Proper custom templates will have to be activated and uploaded in Lightspeed Retail (e.g. with Invoice type or note type description, with VAT number, with QR code, etc.)

  • Merchants will have to properly enter their and their customers' information (Vat number, business address, etc.)

  • Use the right software for your invoicing methods (e.g. No supply date different from issuance date in Lightspeed Retail)

  • Permissions must be set correctly so merchants can not access prohibited features (e.g. no refund without reference to the refunded invoice)

Features provided by QuoteMachine

Generation of a QR Code

QuoteMachine is able to generate a QR code as per the phase 1 requirements described in the guidelines.

This QR code can be embedded into Lightspeed Retail's custom templates

Sequential number generation

QuoteMachine can generate sequential invoice numbers that will be displayed alongside the QR code invoices.

Referencing original invoice when issuing a note

QuoteMachine will display the reference to the original invoice alongside the note sequence number when a note is issued.


QuoteMachine will hold a copy of every invoice in a PDF format. These copy can be accessed online to be exported.

Activation of the features provided by QuoteMachine

Step 1 - Grant QuoteMachine access to your Lightspeed Retail account

As an admin of your Lightspeed Retail account, create your QuoteMachine account. You can do it from this page:

Use the "Sign up with Lightspeed" option

Step 2 - Disable the Lightspeed Retail integration momentarily

We need to disable the integration with Lightspeed Retail so we can configure the template. To disable it, make sure the switch is off from the integration page.

Step 3 - Record your VAT number

Go under your account settings in QuoteMachine to enter your VAT number.

Note: If you have several location under your Lightspeed account and if they don't have the same VAT number, you will need several QuoteMachine accounts to ensure there's one invoice sequence per VAT number.

Step 4 - Verify your business name

Go under your account settings in QuoteMachine and confirm your business name is correct (it will be encoded in the QR Code)

Step 5 - Update your Sales Receipt template in Lightspeed Retail

This step should be performed with the assistance of your Lightspeed retail representative.

Edit your sales receipt template to include the QR code generation snippet.

Here are the changes to the SaleReceipt template required to show the QR Code.

1 - At the top, add this and make sure to replace the “uuid-to-replace-here” by your QuoteMachine account id (ask our support team to get your QuoteMachine account id).

{# ZACTA Settings #} {% set show_qrcode = true %} {# Displays QR code at bottom of receipts #} {% set qm_account_id = "uuid-to-replace-here" %} {# Insert your QuoteMachine account ID #}

2 - Somewhere in the template, near the where you should find “.barcodeContainer {“, add the styling definition of the barcode

.qrcodeContainer { margin-top: 15px; text-align: center; }

3 - Add the QR Code image below the traditional barcode

{% if show_qrcode %} <p class="qrcodeContainer"> <img id="qrCode" src="{{qm_account_id}}/ls-retail/{{Sale.saleID}}.png"> </p> {% endif %}

Step 4 - Activate the sales receipt sync in QuoteMachine

From QuoteMachine, edit your Lightspeed Retail integration settings to only activate the "Sales Receipt Sync" option

From now on, Lightspeed Retail's receipt will contain a QR code.

Access archived invoices

From QuoteMachine, under the "Invoice" menu, after selecting the "Receipts" option, you will access to a copy of all your archived invoices.

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