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Creating a Purchase Order (QuickBooks Online)
Creating a Purchase Order (QuickBooks Online)
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This guide explains how to create QuickBooks Online purchase orders straight from any QuoteMachine order.

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Enabling the Creation of Purchase Orders

  1. First, the integration setting must be enabled. To do so navigate to My Account > Ingetragtion > QuickBooks Online then toggle on the field labeled "Create and track PO from orders", see the video below, you can also find out more about your other integration settings here.

Creating a Purchase Order

  1. Navigate to the sidebar and click Orders.

  2. Proceed with creating an order as you normally would.

  3. Once you've created your order QuoteMachine will automatically reserve any items you have present in inventory, if the items are not present non will be reserved.

    1. In order to create a purchase order, click "Create Purchase Order" at the bottom right.

    2. Important: in order to create a purchase order at least one item on the PO must have a supplier in QuickBooks.

      1. If no product with a supplier exists on the PO, you will not be able to create it.

        In the example above the only product with a supplier is "Ash-Teal Velvet Two Seater" and since it's been deselected we are unable to create a purchase order.

    3. Once you've ensured that at least one of your products has a supplier you can go ahead and click "Create purchase order", you will then be directed to the purchase order in QuickBooks where you can review and save the PO.

Receiving a Purchase Order

You can receive a purchase order, as you normally would in QuickBooks.

  1. Open the purchase order (click on the PO link).

  2. You will be redirected to the PO in QuickBooks, click Copy Bill.

  3. Verify the quantity you're checking in.

  4. Click save and close.

  5. If you go back to your QuoteMachine order you'll see that the items have been automatically reserved, if you don't see the change right away you may need to refresh the page.

As you can see in the image below, the order in QuoteMachine has been automatically updated once the items were checked in.

Handling Partial Billing

  1. You can create multiple purchase orders per order, see the example below.

    The first two products are linked to the same PO i.e. PO #1023 and the last two are liked to PO #1024. You can create as many purchase orders as needed.

  2. If you only received a fraction of the expected amount make sure to update the quantity on the bill.

    This will also update the order to reflect the number of items received in QuoteMachine.

Important Information

  1. If you'd like to add an item to the purchase order and have it reflected on the QuoteMachine order you must first add it to the order in QuoteMachine and then add create a PO for it.

  2. In QuoteMachine if you update the quantity on a line item that is already linked to a PO in QuickBooks, this will not update the quantity of PO in QuickBooks. You must add the item to the order and create a new purchase order.

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