It usually makes sense to make bigger purchase orders to optimize costs (shipping, discounts, etc.). When preparing a purchase order from Lightspeed, you can easily see which items from QuoteMachine orders you should include in your PO.

To get started on a Sales order, view our help article, here.

When creating a purchase order in Lightspeed, you can see all the items waiting to be ordered in QuoteMachine by using the "QuoteMachine" tab.

You may add the items to the order as you wish, and even sort them by vendor.

Use the + to add items to your order.

Complete your Lightspeed purchase order as normal. You'll notice a reference to the PO is automatically added on your Quotemachine Orders.

Adding Multiple Items to a PO

Note that when adding items to the PO, you also have the option to add them in bulk. Simply check off the box on top and then select add items.

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