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Interactive Features on a document
Interactive Features on a document

How to use QuoteMachine's interactive features on a quote

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To make your documents as converting as possible, QuoteMachine has added a couple of interactive features that you can use on any quote or invoice.

To activate any interactive feature on a line item, click on the three dots next to the ''Discount'' button.

Here's an explanation of what each of those features mean/do:

1. Active

When you have a line item marked as ''Active'', it simply means that it's an active, set, product on your quote/invoice. This means your customer can not interact with it.

2. Optional Item

When making an item "Optional", it means that the customer can choose themselves whether they want to include it in the quote/invoice or not. An example is that if your customer is hesitating between for example two different couches, you could add both couches to the document, and then your customer can choose which one they actually want to purchase by clicking the ''Include" button.

3. Multiple Choice

When marking a couple of line items in a document as ''Multiple Choice'', it means that your customer can only choose one of the Multiple Choice items (as opposed to the Optional feature, where your customer can choose more than one option, or no option at all)

4. Provided by customer

When marking a line item as "Provided by customer", it means that it's an item that the customer is providing. An example for this would be that I make custom mugs. In this case, my customer would provide me with their mug (so that would be the "Provided by customer" item), and I would make the art on it. This option also completely takes the price away from the line item as you see in the example below (and so automatically makes it $0).

5. Included

The included option means that you're including a certain product on the quote/invoice for no extra fee. The price for that line item will also disappear (and automatically be $0).

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