When adding a product to a proposal, applying the right status attribute can help clarify your offer and give additional options to your customers.

The various status attributes and their definitions

The following status attributes are available:

  • Active

  • Option for customer

  • Provided by customer

  • To be defined

  • Extra fee

  • Included

Additionally,  these options can be select at the same time

  • Taxable

  • Editable quantity


It is the default status, it means the product will appear on the final offer and will be displayed in a standard way

Option for customer

This status means that the product or service added to the offer will be a selectable option that the customer must pick for it to be included in the offer they accept.

Preview of the line item with the "option for customer" status on the proposal, as seen by the customer when selected.

Provided by customer

This status allows adding a product to the proposal with no cost. It is meant to show that this particular item is provided by the customer.

To be defined

This status means the proposal is not ready because the particular product or service is not yet defined. As long as at least one product is "to be defined", the proposal cannot be sent to the customer.

Message displayed in QuoteMachine when trying to send a proposal that contains "to be defined" products or services.

Extra fee

This status allows showing the unit price of a product or service on the proposal without specifying the quantity sold. It can be useful when you don't know how much of a service you will eventually sell but still want to inform your customer about the unit price.

Product or services flagged with the "extra fee" status don't contribute to the total.

Preview of a line with the status "extra fee" on a proposal, as seen by the customer. Note the total does not include the extra fee.


A product or service with the "included" status will be displayed on the proposal, without price. It can be used as a way to show a service is included for free in the offer or without additional cost.


When the "Taxable" checkbox is not selected, no sales tax will be applied to the line.

Editable Quantity 

The "Editable Quantity" option allows the customer to change the line quantity prior to accepting your quote.

Preview of a line with an editable quantity on a proposal, as seen by the customer.

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