Entering Payments for a Customer in QuoteMachine

There are multiple different methods to take payments on a customers account.

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QuoteMachine allows you the flexibility of entering payment onto specific invoices, onto the customers account as a credit to be used later, or immediately onto multiple invoices.

Paying an individual invoice

To pay individual invoice, simply pull up the invoice in question (either from the invoice listing page, or from the customers profile) and select receive payment. Here you can enter in the payment method and the amount.

Paying multiple invoices at once

On the customers profile, you can also apply a payment onto multiple invoices at once. Select receive payment, and you'll be able to select which invoices you wish to pay and the payment method.

Placing a payment on customers account without applying it

Here, you can record the payment without applying. The payment will be placed as a credit number on the customers account which you can lead or apply onto invoices. (see how here)

For Lightspeed Users: Taking a payment directly in Lightspeed Retail

You can also take a payment on a customer account directly in lightspeed retail. This is helpful if you wish to use your lightspeed retail payment terminal.

To do so, attach a customer to a sale. When you click payment, you'll have the option to add deposit.

Here, enter the amount you wish to take, and then select the payment method.

After a delay of about 10 minutes, this payment will be imported in QuoteMachine. There, depending on your settings, it will either auto-apply onto the customers oldest invoice, or appear on the customers account in QuoteMachine as an available credit memo.

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