Change deposit payments from an order

How do collect deposit payment from sales orders

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Sales orders in QuoteMachine can easily be updated to change selected products, quantities, or pricing. When doing that, it's sometimes needed to adjust the deposit amount that was originally collected from a quote.

Note: at the moment, there is no way to collect payment directly from the order, this can only be done from a quote already linked to the order, or by creating an invoice. In this article, we'll see how to alter the deposit amount collected by using a linked quote.

Requirement: a quote must already be linked to the order so you can collect additional deposits from there.

Already collected deposits are displayed on the order next to the total (only on the administrator interface). They all originate from the linked quote.

Here are the steps to collect additional deposits

Step 1 - Open the linked Quote

Step 2 - Edit the Quote and modify the deposit required

Step 3 - Receive an additional payment or have the customer use the online payment option from the quote

You will see the newly collected deposit show on the quote and on the order.

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