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Mapping payment types with Lightspeed Retail
Mapping payment types with Lightspeed Retail

How to export payments to Lightspeed Retail (R-series)

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QuoteMachine supports a standard set of payment types (e.g. Cash, Check, Credit Card) and you can even customize the list of available payment types.

To ensure a correct synchronization with Lightspeed, you must make sure every payment type in QuoteMachine is linked to a corresponding payment type in Lightspeed.

Where to configure the mapping

For standard payment types

From the Lightspeed integration settings, accessible from the "My account" - "Integrations" menu, select the Lightspeed integration.

Then you will see the following configuration interface.

For every payment type listed on the left, you must select the corresponding payment type in Lightspeed.

Note that the "Credit transfers between customer accounts" type will be the payment type shown in Lightspeed when you transfer credits or payments between customers. (Formerly this was automatically shown as 'credit').

From new payment types you've created when configuring QuoteMachine

If you've decided to customize the list of QuoteMachine payment types to add yours, keep in mind these payment types must also be mapped to a corresponding payment type in Lightspeed.

Custom payment types can be accessed and configured from the "My account" - "Payment Types" menu.

Setup recommendation

Most of the time, the credit card payment types collected from QuoteMachine will use a different payment processor than the one you have to collect in-person payments.

It's a good idea to create a payment type in Lightspeed so you can map QuoteMachine credit card payments to their own payment type in Lightspeed (e.g., QuoteMachine CC).

That will help you create reports to track down credit card payments specific to QuoteMachine.

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