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Include detailed descriptions and comments on Lightspeed (R-series) Purchase orders
Include detailed descriptions and comments on Lightspeed (R-series) Purchase orders

Ensure custom orders' details from QuoteMachine quotes and orders are displayed on purchase orders in Lightspeed Retail (R-series)

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QuoteMachine allows you to capture detailed notes and descriptions on every item you put on quotes and orders. Eventually, you might want this information to be included in your purchase orders.

Even if QuoteMachine does not manage purchase orders directly, it communicates all the information to Lightspeed and provides shortcuts to create Lightspeed Purchase orders from QuoteMachine orders easily.

Where to put customization details

Any text entered in the pricing table under the short description or from the note field in the order will be exported to Lightspeed Retail

How QuoteMachine creates the Purchase orders including the detailed notes

When using the "Create purchase order" option from a QuoteMachine order, QuoteMachine will instantly create a Purchase order in Lightspeed retail with the products you select.

The content of the short descriptions and order notes is visible under "General Notes" on the Lightspeed purchase order.

The general notes can be displayed in the Lightspeed Purchase order document using a custom print template.

Customize a print template in Lightspeed to display the general notes

Lightspeed's general notes will contain customization details captured in QuoteMachine.

Here's the help article detailing how you can update your print templates in Lightspeed Retail to show them

Make sure to include the following tag to ensure General Notes will be correctly displayed within your custom template:


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