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Use an order form to showcase and sell your products online

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QuoteMachines' express e-com solution is a great way to sell to your clients over the internet. It lets you share your special offers and portions of your catalog easily, and have customers order and pay online.

Creating an order form in QuoteMachine is simple. Watch the instructional video below, or follow the step by step guide.

Step by step guide

To create a new Order Form, head to the Order Form section on the side bar.

Now, click 'New order form', and give your new price a name.

When an order is received, you can decide if it will create a quote or an invoice in QuoteMachine.

The quote status gives you full control over what happens once a quote is submitted online.

Here, you can start by adding products from your catalog that you wish to feature. 

An important step, is to use the 3 dots next to each item to select 'option for customer' as well as 'editable quantity'. This allows your customers to select which items they want, and how many. 

Once this is done, you can use the 'edit design' button to personalize the order form before sending it out, as you would with any other QuoteMachine document. You can see help on editing documents, here

You can also control how the order form will appear when you're sharing it with your customers, on social media for example.  Enter a 'Sharing title' as well as a 'Sharing image'. This will be the first image your customers see before they even click on the link.

You also have the ability to set rules for your order form which will automatically disable the order form.

You can pick from one of two rules to manage your order form.

  • Inventory will disable a line item as soon as the inventory quantity for that item hits zero. It will also automatically be deactivated if one required item runs out of inventory.

  • Order Limit will allow you to place a limit for each individual item sold on your order form. Once that specific item is sold out, it will be marked "None left".

By activating the following feature, the items' price will be automatically synced to the catalog in case you change the price after creating the form.

Once you're satisfied, select 'Activate'

The order form is now ready to be shared with customers. Copy the link to post it to your social media page, or email it out.

As orders come in, you'll be able to track them directly on the order form page in QuoteMachine. 

Important note: Additionally, by activating the following feature, item prices will be automatically synchronized with the catalog in case you modify the price after creating the form.

  • You could also duplicate an order form as shown below:

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