How to sell in multiple currencies

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QuoteMachine lets you sell in different currencies, while still making sure the numbers add up.

Activate additional currencies in your account

  • From the "My Account" menu, under the "Settings" tab, click the "Edit Account" button.

  • Under the "Additional currencies" field,  add currencies you would like to use in addition to your default one.

  • Click the "Save" button

How is the product price defined in a different currency

You can either 

  • manually specify the price in all the currencies from your catalog 

  • have the current exchange rate automatically apply


From every product in your catalog, you will see a tab for every currency under "Unit price". If you specify a price here, it is the one that will be used when switching to a different currency from a quote or invoice.

Note about product import using csv file

You can import the unit price using the CSV import feature in any currency. You can add columns named as follows unit_price_USD for US dollars, or unit_price_CAD for Canadian dollars.

Automatically, using the exchange rate

By default, when adding a product to a pricing table, if the catalog does not contain a unit price in the currency you selected, QuoteMachine will convert the price from the default currency using the current exchange rate.

Currency selection from a quote or invoice

From the pricing table, use the "Change currency" button to select an alternative currency. QuoteMachine will automatically use the price in the currency you selected, either from the catalog or by converting the price using the current exchange rate.

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