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Import products from a spreadsheet
Import products from a spreadsheet

How to add products to your catalog by importing a CSV file

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Adding or updating products can be done in bulk using CSV files.

Before you begin

The file to import must be in CSV format. Software like Microsoft® Excel®, Google® Sheets®, or Apple® Numbers® supports CSV files. 

The following product attributes may be imported from a file:

  • SKU

  • Title

  • Short Description

  • Long Description

  • Unit Of Measure

  • Unit Cost

  • Unit Price

  • Tax Exempt

  • Labels/Manufacturer

  • Images

  • Barcode

The following updates may be performed on a product using a CSV file:

  • Add labels/manufacturer

  • Add images 

  • Change any other attribute except the SKU

  • Delete a product

How to format your file

 A sample CSV file is provided from the CSV import view.

Important note on attribute update vs. deletion

If you leave a cell empty, QuoteMachine will assume you want to remove the content.

On the example below, the title for the item with SKU "SAM-4K-HD" will be removed after the import. 

When reimporting/updating products, you should only keep columns with fields you would like to update.

Columns you can use in your CSV file


  • The Product SKU. It's recommended to always provide one as it is the unique identifier. If you import a product with a sku already in the catalog, QuoteMachine will update the product in the catalog rather than creating a new one


  • The product title 


  • The product short description 


  • The product long description 


  • The unit of measure. The default unit to enter is "piece"


  • The product cost. Should be formatted without specifying a currency or thousand separators
    e.g.: 3125.15


  • The product price. Should be formatted without specifying a currency or thousand separators
    e.g.: 3125.15


  • Specify if the product is tax exempt by entering "TRUE" or "FALSE" 


  • list of labels or manufacturers, comma-separated.
    e.g.: "red,fabric,samsung"
    By default, all the values here will be imported as labels. But you can turn any label into a manufacturer tag from the label interface after the import



  • The product barcode 


  • If you want to delete the product (for a given SKU), enter "TRUE" 

Import your file

Click on the "CSV Import" button from the Catalog.

Upload your CSV file and click "Start now"

Your import will show in the list of imports with the status "started"

After some time, you can refresh the page.
If the import is completed, the status will change to "Completed".


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