Display account statements within invoices

How to include a list of every credit memos available, outstanding and overdue invoices into your documents.

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Sometimes, your customers have several outstanding invoices or credit memos on their account balance. Including a statement within the invoice is a quick and easy way to share an up to date status with your customers.

Example of invoice with an "Account statement" section at the bottom

The statements you include within invoices only show outstanding invoices and credit memos that haven't been applied. If you want also want to show paid invoices, you should use standalone statements (see help article about Account statement creation).

How to insert  account statements on your documents

Account statements may be inserted on quotes or invoices and can be added directly to document templates (see help article about document templates management).

Step 1 - Hover some content from the preview screen or the template editor to reveal the "Add" button

Step 2 - Select the "Customer account statement" type of content

Step 3 - Save

You now should see a sample table showing a list of invoices and credit memos

You can also include an ageing report in this document, for steps on how to do this, click here.


Invoice status on these statements update themselves automatically. It means your customer can consult their statement later and see if their invoices were finally paid.

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