Account statements created with QuoteMachine help you collect payments from your customers.

Here's what statements contain:

  • List of all the outstanding invoices (with links to access them individually) 
  • List of all Credit Memos that haven't been spent
  • Payment button (optional) 
  • Your custom content just like with any other document in QuoteMachine (text, images, etc.).

Steps to create a statement

  • Open the customer profile 
  • Click on the "Account statements" tab
  • Click the "Create account statement" button
  • Select the statement date (this date is the statement closing date), by default; it is today's date.
  • Click the "Create a new statement" button
  • You can edit the content of the template if you want, then click the "Send account statement" if you are going to email it.
  • Click the "Send now" button once you have finalized your email
  • The statement that has just been created now appears in the list of Account statements under the customer profile.


As soon as an invoice is paid, it automatically disappears from the online version of the statement.

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