Importing Newest Products (Lightspeed R-Series)
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If you have newly added or updated products in Lightspeed Retail, and you don’t see your changes reflected in QuoteMachine yet, you have the option to quickly import your items so you can resume building a quote, order, or invoice. This only takes a couple of steps.

Login to and navigate to “Catalog” from the sidebar.

From the Catalog menu, click on the “Import” button.

Click “Start new import”.

Make sure to select “Import newest products only”. Then click “Start now”.

ATTENTION: Exercise caution here, do not select “Import all products.” This will import your entire inventory which will take a significant amount of time to complete, during which you might not be able to access all your products. Only use this option if you need to complete an inventory wide update.

Note that importing old products will not create duplicates, it will only update your inventory and synced product fields.

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