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Pending Payments

Why some payments like ACH/bank transfers show as pending and how much time can it take to complete

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When receiving payments, you may notice that they are sometimes marked as pending.

This can happen on both ACH bank transfer payments, as well as credit card transactions.

ACH Payments

  • ACH payments typically take 1-2 business days to process but can take up to 5 business days.

  • Additionally - ACH transactions are not processed over weekends or banking holidays.

For a list of bank holidays, click here.

Card Payments

  • Card payments are usually processed within seconds. Card payments are faster because they involve real-time authorization and verification of the transaction.

During this time, the payment will be applied on your QuoteMachine document, but will be marked as pending.

This will automatically update once the payment transaction has been finalized.

Note: If you notice a Stripe payment that is still pending in QuoteMachine but is captured in your Stripe portal, but contact QuoteMachine support to investigate.

To learn more about QuoteMachine payins and payouts, please visit the support article below:

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