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QuoteMachine Payments Payout

This article will give you details on payout timeframe

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Payin cutoffs times

To be included in each day's batch of payins, a payin needs to be initiated by:

  • 9pm ET for ACH

  • 11pm ET for cards

Deposit timing

Deposits are created on each US banking day, for each merchant who has payment volume that has been released.

In general, release times are:

  • Card processing: T+1, meaning that funds are released the first banking day after the day of its batch.

  • ACH: T+2 to T+4, meaning that funds are released between two and four days after the batch.

Let's look at an example for a merchant configured for T+1 on cards and T+2 for ACH. Their payments on Thursday evening would be deposited on as following:

Payin time

Payin method

Deposited on

Thursday at 8pm



Thursday at 11:30pm



Thursday at 8pm



Thursday at 10pm



Contact support if you have further questions about deposit timing or the release times.

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