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How to Customize and Save Views on Listing Pages
How to Customize and Save Views on Listing Pages

This article covers how to customize your views for quote, order, and invoice listings

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In QuoteMachine, you have the ability to customize and save views in listing pages! This includes customizing the columns in the listing tables as well as applying filters to tailor the information displayed on your quote, order, or invoice listings to fit the unique needs of your business.

Table of Contents:

Customizing column views on listing pages

Simply navigate to the page where you want to change the listing and click on the configurations button at the top right to reorganize your column views.

Then you can easily remove or add any columns you want to see and arrange them in your preferred order.

Once you're done selecting and ordering your desired columns, click apply, and your listings page should be updated with your customized view!

Using listing filters

Creating filter sets

First, use the left sidebar menu to navigate to the page you want to filter. Here, I will be working on the invoices page.

Once you’ve opened the page you want to work in, you can start to filter. Select the filters button to open the searchable list of features.

Use the search bar to quickly find the category you want to filter by. Popular fields will automatically appear at the top.

You can include as many fields as you want to find exactly what you’re looking for. Here, I am filtering by user and by date created.

Removing filter sets

To remove an individual filter from your list, click the small x beside the filter name.

To remove all filters and return to the full list of invoices, quotes or orders, click the clear all features button.

Saving your customized view

Click the save as a new view button under the search bar to save the filter set. Then you can give the view a name, and select if you want it to be shared between users, or private to you. Set your preferences and click save.

Access the list of saved views by clicking the Saved Views button from the invoice, quote or orders page.

To delete a saved view, please navigate to our support article: How to Delete a Saved View from a Listing Page

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