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How to Delete a Saved View from a Listing Page
How to Delete a Saved View from a Listing Page

In this article, we will explain how to delete a saved view from a listing page.

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In QuoteMachine, you have the flexibility to customize the table columns in your listing pages to tailor the information displayed on your quote, order, or invoice listings to fit the unique needs of your business. These views can then be saved to be easily reapplied later on without having to reconfigure anything!

To learn more about customizing your columns and saving views, please refer to the support article: Customize column views on listing pages

Deleting a saved view is easy and can be accomplished by following the below steps:

  1. From the listing page, click on the Saved Views button

  2. Select and apply the view you would like to delete

  3. Once the view is applied, click on the Settings button

  4. From the pop-up modal, click on the Delete button

Once this is done, your saved view will be deleted and no longer available.

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