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Exporting your Catalog
Exporting your Catalog

This article goes over how to export your catalog

Written by Emille Law
Updated over a week ago

In QuoteMachine, you can export your catalog and include Product Details, Inventory Levels or Supplier Cost. Note that you won't be able to export all 3 of these at the same time. You will need to choose one of the options.

To export your catalog, navigate to Catalog > and either Products and services, Bundles, or Matrices.

Once you are in the tab you want, click Export all results, located at the bottom of your page. From here you will get a few options:

Product Details: This will include item ID, SKU, Manufacture SKU, Title, Short Description Long Description, Unit of Measurem Unit Cost, Tax Exempt, Labels, Image Links, Barcode, as well as any external ID's if you have any integrations.

Inventory Levels: You will need to choose which location you'd like to pull the inventory levels from.

Supplier Cost: You will need to choose which supplier you would like to export

From here click on Export. You will receive an email shortly with your export.

If you would like to export Quotes, please review this article: Is it Possible to Export all Quotes to an Excel File?

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