Using QuoteMachine Dynamic Tax

Dynamic tax calculates the document tax automatically based on the contact's shipping address!

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Note: This feature is currently available in the USA (with USD set as the currency)

Note: If you're interested in acquiring our Dynamic Tax feature, please contact support or your success manager!

This article helps you to manage the QuoteMachine Dynamic tax feature as follows:

Initial set up

  • Once you’ve acquired the dynamic tax feature you’ll be able to access it by navigating to My account > Taxes

  • To enable this feature, you must toggle the the dynamic tax setting

How it works

  • The tax is automatically determined based off of the contact’s shipping address

  • If a contact has no shipping address, then the default tax for the assigned location is applied

  • When a tax jurisdiction is found according to the contact’s shipping address, a new tax is created or the existing tax for that jurisdiction will be updated

When the tax on documents is updated

  • The tax rate is automatically updated when a document is created and the assigned contact has a valid shipping address

  • If the contact’s shipping address is updated on the document, our dynamic tax feature will find the appropriate tax for that jurisdiction

  • If you change the contact on the document and the new contact has a valid shipping address, the tax will automatically update in the document

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