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Quick Start Guide for Square + QuoteMachine
Quick Start Guide for Square + QuoteMachine

Quickest way to hit the ground running with QuoteMachine and Square!

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This guide is specifically for users who wish to use QuoteMachine as an integration to Square POS.

If you are using another app and wish to integrate QuoteMachine with it, or if you are using QuoteMachine on its own, please follow one of the links below to reach the appropriate Quick Start Guide.

The QuoteMachine app is the best way manage your sales workflow. You will find below how to quickly integrate QuoteMachine into your Square account.

Integrating QuoteMachine with Square POS

Visit QuoteMachine's Integration page and select Square or click here.

Be careful when selecting the integration as there are two Square integrations, Square Payments and Square POS.

Click the Connect with Square button

You will be redirected to Square's Integration tool. Click Allow.

You will then be redirected to QuoteMachine's Integration tool. Click Save.

Voilà! They are now integrated with each other.

What do we sync between QuoteMachine and Square POS?

It is important to take note of what is synchronized between the two applications to determine the best workflow for your business.

Imported from Square POS to QuoteMachine

  • Inventory

  • New Products

  • Product Updates

Exported from QuoteMachine to Square POS

  • New Invoices

  • New Products

Synchronized between QuoteMachine and Square POS

  • Contact List

  • New Contacts

  • Contact Updates


Partial payments taken within QuoteMachine will only appear in Square POS once the Invoice is fully paid.

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