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Language Settings in QuoteMachine
Language Settings in QuoteMachine
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In QuoteMachine, you can set up a default language at different levels: user, account and contact.

Here's how these settings work:

User Language
Defines the UI language for the logged in user.

There are two ways to change the user language:

  1. By clicking on the user's name on the top right:

    2. From My Account > Users:

    Scroll down and select the desired language:

    In the example below, you can see user preferred language reflected:

    **IMPORTANT NOTE: User language doesn’t affect the language of the documents sent to customers even though the user sees the templates in Sales Tools in that language.

    Account Language
    Defines the default language for documents sent to customers.
    Defines the default language of contacts (contact default language is never blank and explained later in this article)

    You can set the account language in My Account > Settings> Edit Account:

    Below is an example of language changes applied to documents:

    Contact Language
    Defines the language of the documents sent to them.

    Note: Language setting in contact level will ignore language settings in Account level if different.

    - To set the preferred language for a contact, click on "Edit contact" on a contact's profile:


    As you can see in this example, the customer receives the document in dutch:

    However, the email sent to this customer will be in the logged in user's language. To set it to the contact's language, you need to create a new template and change the context in dutch as example below:


    Then select this template while sending invoices to this customer:

    The customer will receive the email in Dutch too:

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