QuoteMachine now makes it even easier to keep track of companies, their employees and their assigned documents. Watch the instructional video below, or scroll down to view highlights of how this works. 

In the photo below, we see the contact page for a company. Note that there is primary contact for the company on the left, as well a list of other employees on the right. You may also notice that this contact page groups together all documents sent by its' employees. 

A primary contact will always be the main point of contact for a company. When QuoteMachine exports data to other softwares such as Lightspeed, Transactions for the company will be recorded under this primary contact. 

When receiving payments for a company, You may also select which invoices to receive payment for, as well as see which employee created this document (if not specified it will be the primary contact by default).

When receiving payment on individual invoices or quotes, a built-in calculator simplifies the process of receiving partial payments. 

When searching for contacts within QuoteMachine, you'll notice that the distinction between a company and an employee is noted by these 2 symbols. When searching, you may also exclude individual employees from the results to simplify. This will still include individuals who don't belong to a company. 

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