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Quick Start Guide for Pipedrive + QuoteMachine
Quick Start Guide for Pipedrive + QuoteMachine
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This guide is specifically for users who wish to use QuoteMachine as an integration to Quickbooks Online.

If you are using another app and wish to integrate QuoteMachine with it, or if you are using QuoteMachine on its own, please follow one of the links below to reach the appropriate Quick Start Guide.

The Pipedrive Integration for QuoteMachine streamlines the flow of precise customer information from Pipedrive into QuoteMachine. This integration is designed with dual objectives: seamless transfer of contact details and sales records between QuoteMachine and Pipedrive.

Leveraging this integration, you can efficiently craft targeted audience groups, refine segmentation strategies, and automate follow-up actions, notifications, and retargeting initiatives, including tailored campaigns to address abandoned opportunities.

Connecting QuoteMachine to Pipedrive

To connect QuoteMachine to your Pipedrive account, the first step will be logging in to your QuoteMachine account and your Pipedrive account.

Each user must individually integrate QuoteMachine to Pipedrive using their own credentials. The Update account information, create and update integrations user role must be turned on during the installation process. It may be turned off after a successful install.

Once logged in, from Pipedrive

  1. Navigate to Marketplace

  2. Type QuoteMachine in the search bar and click Search

  3. Look for the QuoteMachine tile and click Try now

On the QuoteMachine App Page, you will need to begin the Authorization Process.

You will be shown what you are giving permission for QuoteMachine to do. Click Allow and Install to begin the process.

You will then be redirected to QuoteMachine's Pipedrive Integration Settings page to make a few selections.


Voilà! Your QuoteMachine account is now integrated with your Mailchimp account!

What else do you need to know?

You should see one Pipedrive integration per integrated user on QuoteMachine's Integration Listing page as shown below.

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