Bottom Line Pricing for Lightspeed Retail

A step by step on how to turn on bottom line pricing in Quotemachine.

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Please Note

  1. After creating bottom line pricing in Lightspeed, it can take up to 15 minutes to transfer to Quotemachine

  2. Bottom line pricing will never been seen by your customers. Only internally.

Turning on Bottom Line Pricing. Step by Step.

Sign into your Lightspeed retail account and Navigate to settings ➡ pricing levels.

Click on + New Pricing Level.

Name your new pricing level something like "bottom line pricing".

Navigate to inventory and edit "bottom line pricing" as you see fit.

Open and sign into your Quotemachine account. Navigate to "Sales Tools" then "Bottom Line".

**Note** Your new pricing level could take up to 15 minutes to transfer from Lightspeed.

Enable "Bottom Line Button" to internally see the bottom line price on your quotes.

Done 🎉 you are now set up to internally see bottom line pricing!

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