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How to Import Sales Notes From Lightspeed
How to Import Sales Notes From Lightspeed

A quick step-by-step on how to import notes from Lightspeed (Easy!)

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Importing your sales notes from Lightspeed is an automatic process. This document will show you where to input your sales notes in Lightspeed, and where to find them in Quotemachine.

In your Lightspeed account, write your sales notes in the highlighted boxes below. Once finished click the Quote machine "Create Invoice" button on the right side of your screen.

Clicking 'Create Invoice' will show you the screen below. Select your payment terms and PO number, then click create invoice.

From there you can navigate to your invoice by clicking on the "Edit Invoice" button.

You will be brought to Quotemachine's "Edit Invoice" page. Scroll down from there to see you're internal and receipt notes.

Your internal sales notes will be stored in this invoice!

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