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Activity Feed Dashboard

How to navigate your activity feed in the new dashboard

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QuoteMachine's new and improved dashboard gives you the ability to get a global view of your ongoing transactions straight from the landing page! Using the activity feed you're able to quickly browse through different users' and locations' activity.

Table of contents:

Navigating the Activity Feed

Your Activity Feed, shows you all the most recent documents, conversations, and payments in chronological order. From here you can click on the relevant document and pick up right were you left off.

In the example below we see the customer used the built-in chat feature to inquire about delivery.

From the dashboard you can click on the quote identifier, which will take you straight to the quote where you can reply.

Filtering Through the Feed

Depending on your account permission you also have the option of filtering your activity feed by user or by location. This feature is on by default for account Administrators but might need to be enabled for other roles.

To filter the feed by user navigate to the top right, and filter by as many users as you would like.

You can also filter your activity by location.

Need more help? Contact our support team by email ([email protected]) or by clicking on the pink chat bubble at the bottom of any QuoteMachine page.

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