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Introducing new Dashboard
Introducing new Dashboard

This guide will help you navigate through our new dashboard and discover its powerful features.

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We are happy to introduce our new and improved dashboard! Its packed with rich new features that will make a huge impact on your daily usage. From customizable tiles to live activity feed, our new dashboard brings up everything that matters to you the most.

Lets begin exploring!

Below is an image of our new dashboard. Except for Activity Feed, everything else you see here is customizable per your needs.

We have set some default tiles for you to start with. Some are to show metrics while others are shortcuts. Right below them, is our new activity feed which can be filtered by user. The feed will show real time updates happening in your account where you can expect to see payments, document status changes, SMS, emails and other related updates.

Filter tiles populate those numbers based on filters created in your Invoice/Quote/Order tabs. Shortcut tiles will carryout the task you assign them to.

You can create as many filters on your Invoice/Quote/Order tabs. Once saved, you can use them to display those results in Dashboard.

To learn more on how to create and save filters, check out this article.

Adding tiles and shortcuts to your dashboard:

Adding additional tiles and shortcuts to your new dashboard is very easy. Simply click on configure button on top and it will give you options to add new ones or remove existing ones. From there, you can also edit existing tiles by clicking the blue button on desired tile.

Once you have clicked Add a tile, a pop up menu with choices will come up. From there, you can select whether to make a Filter tile or an Action tile.

Filter tiles will use pre-existing filters to display results. Action tiles have a predefined list of shortcuts for your needs.

Learn how to clone documents:


For above filter tile example, we used "ready to pack" custom order status as a filter and generating totals from that. (Learn how to create custom order statuses here.)

Once you have selected your designated filter/action and have labeled your tile, simply click Create tile. Your new tile is ready for use from dashboard!

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