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Setting and Overriding Customer Credit Limits
Setting and Overriding Customer Credit Limits
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This guide will explain how to set a customer's credit limit and what to do for users with limited permission who are unable to send out invoices that exceed this limit.

Customer credit limits are set by going to the customer account, and clicking on the pen icon by the "Credit limit".

Depending on your permissions, when attempting to send out an invoice that exceeds the customer's credit limit you may encounter the following pop-up.

This means that you don't have the permission to send out invoices that exceed the limit. In cases like these you will have to contact your account administrator, typically your manager or anyone on the team with administrator privileges and have them create the invoice for you.

They'll have to log into their QuoteMachine account, go to the invoice, click "Mark as done" or proceed to send out the invoice by either SMS or email. When prompted with the pop-up below. They should go ahead and click yes, and this will create the invoice.

If you're an administrator and would like to enable this permission to people with a salesperson role, check out this article!

Need more help? Contact our support team by email ([email protected]) or by clicking on the pink chat bubble at the bottom of any QuoteMachine page.

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